Simplifying the GED for landfill operators

20 April 2023


Landfill operators in Victoria carry an incredibly large responsibility to maintain their General Environmental Duty (GED). The GED is a set of strict laws introduced into the EPA Act (2017). These new laws came into effect on 1 July 2021, stating that, ‘a person who is engaging in an activity that may give rise to risk of harm to human health or the environment from pollution or waste must minimise those risks, so far as reasonably practicable.’

This statement poses a number of new challenges in the landfill sector. Landfill operators, are not only required to design and implement a carefully structured and approved monitoring plan, but are now also required to prove they are taking the necessary precautions to minimise potential harm to the surrounding environment. Never before have carefully designed monitoring programs been more important in landfills.

There are near 100 active landfills in Victoria and more than 1000 across Australia, all responsible for operating and monitoring their activities in a sustainable and efficient manner. But doing so can be extremely complex, which is where HydroTerra comes in.

HydroTerra has drawn on its more than 18 years of experience in the sector to develop DataStreamTM – a simple process that helps landfill operators tick all the necessary compliance and regulatory boxes. We provide quality technology and innovative integrated systems monitoring to help meet the new EPA regulations through DataStreamTM. We also have a team of highly experienced personnel in this space. Check out Nick Bailey, our newest recruit’s bio here.

Meanwhile, the company’s longest serving employee and Managing Director, Richard Campbell, has a wealth of knowledge in landfill given he was an EPA auditor for many years prior to establishing HydroTerra. Richard is providing a few appointments this month to operators interested to learn how their monitoring programs can be simplified and their operations made more efficient and cost effective. If you are interested, in securing one of these appointments, please complete the below enquiry form.

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