New Stygo and Yabby make modular systems the mode of choice

14 September 2023


The day has arrived! HydroTerra is super excited to announce the launch of the first of our modular integrated Internet of Things (IoT) systems: The Stygo range for monitoring groundwater and the Yabby range for monitoring surface water.

These systems, designed with simplicity in mind, are pre-assembled and contain all the necessary components, including the sensors, the data processing unit, the communication interface, mounting, and the power supply.

They are easy to understand, deploy, and use. In addition, they offer scalability across multiple parameters and areas while also providing significant cost savings for most environmental monitoring projects.

Our clients benefit from the fact that HydroTerra is an agnostic marketplace for all the components that make up the modular integrated IoT systems. This means we provide the best, and most cost-effective options for your project, without being beholden to a single sensor, telemetry, mounting or power source.

Other available options can only provide you with their products and sensors, thus offering limited choice, less flexibility, and often less functionality.

As an example, there are significantly different solutions we can provide for the following scenarios:

  • Compliance or research-driven highly accurate measurement of groundwater level and electrical conductivity in harsh conditions with 30-minute satellite transmissions
  • Water level monitoring for the management of tank water with lower level of accuracy and daily satellite transmissions
  • Dam level and water quality monitoring in abandoned mines requiring hourly transmissions via satellite
  • Accurate landfill leach monitoring with 10-minute cellular transmission and integrated pump switching

As Australia’s largest marketplace of sensors and integrated telemetry systems the scalability of HydroTerra’s offering is a big plus.

Experience shows that a site or client often starts with a couple of units measuring one or two parameters, such as level. Once they witness the productivity gains, as well as the financial and safety improvements, they quickly develop a broader implementation strategy covering multiple systems for parameters such as flow, soil, weather, noise, air, and gas detection. The systems even encompass requirements such as automation (e.g., pump starts, switching), cameras, trackers, and people counters. These all report into a customised modular dashboard – yes, even our dashboard is modular!

The Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionising the way we monitor and protect the environment. By connecting sensors to the internet, we can collect data in real-time across multiple remote locations. This data can be used to track changes in environmental conditions, identify pollution sources, and develop more sustainable practices.

The modular packaging of these systems means the headache associated with trying to select not only the best individual components, but also those that integrate well together, is largely a thing of the past. All you need to do is plug in your project parameters and the best possible system for your groundwater or surface water project will be specified for you.

Give it a go!

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