The non-contact sport of detecting oil spills

15 June 2023


A demonstration tells a thousand words, and we were lucky enough to have a full demonstration of LDI’s Remote Optical Watcher (ROW) recently to learn about this highly accurate sensor for detecting oil on water. You can now watch the full ROW demonstration by clicking on the button in this article.

The ROW enables 24/7 industrial and environmental water monitoring, whether at effluent discharge or influent intake points. The non-contact sensor for detecting oil on water is easy to maintain and highly accurate, alerting you to unsuspecting oil spills.

With Laser Diagnostic Instruments’ (LDI) Remote Optical Watcher, you can monitor a wide range of hydrocarbons, including motor oils, turbine oils, vegetable oils, lubricant oils, hydraulic oils, mineral oils, fuel oils, marine diesel oils, crude oils, heating oils, gas oils, bunker fuels, diesel, gasoline, kerosene, and aviation fuels. The ROW works by emitting UV light which detects oil’s natural fluorescence on water.

It comes in intrinsically safe versions in robust enclosures, communicating via telemetry for remote operation via RS484 or 4-20 mA. With its IP68 rating, our product provides reliable performance even in harsh environments.


Check out this awesome technology on our website. LDI ROW

You can also watch the Tech-Talk for a full demonstration of the product. ROW Demonstration