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24 November 2022


HydroTerra is stoked to introduce two new suppliers – ANB Sensors and HMA Geotechnical!

ANB Sensors hail from the UK and host an awesome range of calibration-free pH sensors. They have developed a new electrochemical sensor technology which uses the market accepted, ubiquitous glass electrode, but provides autonomous, in-situ calibration. By removing the need for manual calibration, ANB Sensors provide an option ideal for projects where extended deployment is required and access is remote or limited.

HMA Geotechnical is an Australian manufacturer and distributor of instrumentation for the geotechnical and mining industry. Their instruments are created from a combination of research, development and practical field experience. This has led to the highest possible quality of products which cover:

  • Pressure Monitoring
  • Stress Monitoring
  • Displacement Monitoring
  • Inclination Monitoring
  • Data logging & telemetry communication systems
  • Project management and “turnkey” solutions

HydroTerra welcomes both ANB Sensors and HMA Geotechnical into our team and we can’t wait to start working with them!

HMA Geotechnical Low Pressure Piezometer

HMA Geotechnical Low Pressure Piezometer