Marine & deep sea product focus

25 March 2022


Let’s focus on the PyroScience GmbH AquapHOx family of loggers, now available through HydroTerra.

The AquapHOx® Logger family (APHOX-LX, APHOX-L-PH, APHOX-L-O2) are long-term loggers for underwater operation down to 4000m depth.

The AquapHOx® Logger platform offers one optical port for connection of a wide range of optical O2-, pH-, or temperature sensors from PyroScience. A fixed Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) temperature sensor provides automatic temperature compensation of the optical sensors. The integrated rechargeable LiPo battery offers stand-alone logging for up to one year. The internal data memory can store a massive 40 million data points!

Applications for the AquaoHOx Loggers include:

  • Coral reef monitoring
  • Fast water column profiling
  • Eddy covariance measurements
  • Trace O2 detection in oxygen minimum zones or during de-oxygenation events
  • Ocean pH monitoring on the pH total scale

For more details on this new and exciting product range, or to discuss your application requirements, call HydroTerra today on (03) 8683 0091. Or click through the below for further information.

AquapHOx Loggers