New radar level sensor that does it all

25 August 2022


Liquids or bulk solids, hot or cold, hazardous or corrosive – no matter the application, the new VEGAPULS 6X is a level sensor that can handle measurement of any medium. Once the operational parameters are specified, Vega can build a VEGAPULS 6X tailor made for you, that’s ready to use in just a few days!

The instrument has a clear, concise, and easy to understand display and adjustment module that makes it extremely user friendly. Your VEGAPULS 6X can be connected via Bluetooth to the VEGA Tools App, which allows for wireless adjustment.

The VEGAPULS 6X uses the latest radar technology including the new radar chip. The radar chip allows for extreme precision and reliability, including continual and seamless self-assessment on performance resulting in the highest quality trusted data.