Next webinar: Environmental monitoring requirements, a changing game! Understanding your GED and compliance obligations. A legal and operational perspective.

16 May 2024


As environmental laws shift towards the management of operational risks, effective monitoring becomes essential for ensuring compliance. If you fail to monitor, you fail to comply.

Norton Rose Fulbright Partner, Jacqueline Plant will unpack the legislative obligations triggering environmental compliance in Victoria, including:

  • The requirements of the general environmental duty.
  • The permissioning framework and how it imposes compliance and monitoring requirements.
  • Insights into the operation of the compliance framework under the EP Act, 3 years post-commencement

So, what does a good monitoring system look like?

CRA’s Andrew Swann and Allan Cummins will delve into the entire monitoring process, starting with identifying key risks of an operation and the importance of developing a strong (but practical) environmental management system. We will then explore how to recognize the requirements of your operating permits, the benefits of using technology for monitoring, and conclude with a discussion on common monitoring principles.

About Circular Resources Australia

CRA was founded by Andrew Swann and Allan Cummins in 2019 to provide high-level, strategic environmental compliance and operational support to Industry, Associations and State and local government organisations around the environmental compliance aspects of their activities.

Both Andrew and Allan have extensive hands-on management experience, operating EPA Licensed businesses in the environmental services space, including the highly regulated hazardous waste management sector. Their real life, practical knowledge, and experience in understanding environmental compliance matters helps them deliver practical and sustainable solutions.

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