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Aqualabo ODEON® Open X Tripod Kit

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Aqualabo ODEON® Open X Tripod Kit

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Introducing OPEN X, equipped with 2 sensor inputs. ODEON is a series of handheld numerical devices specifically designed for precise water quality measurement in both field and laboratory settings.

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ODEON, a remarkable fusion of durability and advanced technology, delivers unparalleled dependability and versatility. Equipped with DIGISENS digital sensors, it empowers you to measure up to 7 physical chemical parameters with utmost precision. By incorporating the innovative PHOTOPOD feature, ODEON transforms into a powerful photometer capable of analyzing over 40 additional parameters. Experience a new level of performance and adaptability with ODEON’s cutting-edge capabilities.

Odeon Kit includes:

  • Odeon Open X Meter
  • Tripod with Selected Sensors
  • Transport Bag
  • 1 x USB/PC cable
  • Software
  • Buffer solutions


Additional information

Cable length

3m, 7m, 15m


Optical Dissolved Oxygen/Conductivity/Salinity/Turbidity/15m (OPTOD/C4E/NTU/15M), Optical Dissolved Oxygen/Conductivity/Salinity/Turbidity/3m (OPTOD/C4E/NTU/3M), Optical Dissolved Oxygen/Conductivity/Salinity/Turbidity/7m (OPTOD/C4E/NTU/7M), pH/ORP/Temp Degrees C/Conductivity/Salinity/Optical Dissolved Oxygen/15m (PHEHT/C4E/OPTOD/15M), pH/ORP/Temp Degrees C/Conductivity/Salinity/Optical Dissolved Oxygen/3m (PHEHT/C4E/OPTOD/3M), pH/ORP/Temp Degrees C/Conductivity/Salinity/Optical Dissolved Oxygen/7m (PHEHT/C4E/OPTOD/7M), pH/ORP/Temp Degrees C/Optical Dissolved Oxygen/Turbidity/15m (PHEHT/OPTOD/NTU/15M), pH/ORP/Temp Degrees C/Optical Dissolved Oxygen/Turbidity/3m (PHEHT/OPTOD/NTU/3M), pH/ORP/Temp Degrees C/Optical Dissolved Oxygen/Turbidity/7m (PHEHT/OPTOD/NTU/7M)






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