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Aqualabo Tripod Barewire Numerical Multiparameter Probe

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Aqualabo Tripod Barewire Numerical Multiparameter Probe

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Digital multiparameter probe featuring barewires for seamless communication via Modbus RS485 or SDI12 protocols. This versatile probe offers a wide selection of measurement parameters including temperature, pH, ORP, conductivity, salinity, TDS, oxygen (percentage saturation, ppm, mg/L), turbidity (NTU, FNU), and suspended solids (mg/L). Experience the convenience and accuracy of this advanced probe for comprehensive water quality analysis.

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A compact and robust device capable of seamless communication via Modbus RS485 or SDI12 protocols. The TRIPOD can be easily integrated with various types of terminals, including RS485 Modbus-enabled devices (such as remote processors, transmitters, and loggers) or SDI12-compatible devices (such as acquisition devices, loggers with GSM/GPRS transmission, ISCO samplers, and flowmeters).

Designed to resist disturbances, the TRIPOD features integrated pre-amplification in the sensor and advanced digital signal processing, ensuring highly reliable measurements. With its DigiSens multiparameter sensors, the TRIPOD empowers you to optimize and obtain accurate physical and chemical measurements. It offers an ample recording capacity of up to 100,000 data points and provides extended autonomy for uninterrupted operation.

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Cable length

3m, 7m, 15m


Optical Dissolved Oxygen/Conductivity/Salinity/Turbidity/15m (OPTOD/C4E/NTU/15M), Optical Dissolved Oxygen/Conductivity/Salinity/Turbidity/3m (OPTOD/C4E/NTU/3M), Optical Dissolved Oxygen/Conductivity/Salinity/Turbidity/7m (OPTOD/C4E/NTU/7M), Optical Dissolved Oxygen/pH/ORP/Temp Degrees C/Conductivity/Salinity/15m (OPTOD/PH/C4E/15M), Optical Dissolved Oxygen/pH/ORP/Temp Degrees C/Conductivity/Salinity/3m (OPTOD/PHEHT/C4E/3M), Optical Dissolved Oxygen/pH/ORP/Temp Degrees C/Conductivity/Salinity/7m (OPTOD/PHEHT/C4E/7M), Optical Dissolved Oxygen/pH/ORP/Temp Degrees C/Turbidity/15m (OPTOD/PH/NTU/15M), Optical Dissolved Oxygen/pH/ORP/Temp Degrees C/Turbidity/3m (OPTOD/PHEHT/NTU/3M), Optical Dissolved Oxygen/pH/ORP/Temp Degrees C/Turbidity/7m (OPTOD/PHEHT/NTU/7M), pH/ORP/Temp Degrees C/Conductivity/Salinity/Turbidity/15m (PHEHT/C4E/NTU/15M), pH/ORP/Temp Degrees C/Conductivity/Salinity/Turbidity/7m (PHEHT/C4E/NTU/7M)






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