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ExactBlue AquaVial PRO

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ExactBlue AquaVial PRO

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AquaVial PRO is a rapid water test for total bacteria and fungi, with two reusable syringes (20mL and 50mL) per test kit. Detection limits are variable with application and method. Available for use on the EB1 Wireless Reader.

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The ExactBlue AquaVial PRO detects total microbial (bacteria and fungi) and biofilm levels. Detection limit can be adjusted from 100 CFU/ml to 500 CFU/ml or higher, depending on the application. Available for use on the EB1 Wireless Reader.

AquaVial PRO is the ideal water quality screening tool for water treatment professionals. Designed for monitoring microbial presence and biofilm formation for drinking water applications, AquaVialTM PRO is:
? an economic and efficacious warning system for Legionella control
? an efficacy confirmation of water disinfection systems and other high risk water sources
? Can be used for biofilm monitoring in complex water systems and stored water reservoirs, in healthcare, food & pharma.

AquaVial Pro is designed for applications where users wish to screen water samples for potential microbial contamination, as a preliminary test prior to sending samples for a mandatory tests.

Aquavial PRO has been validated for screening purposes against the laboratory Standard Methods 9215b. Aquavial PRO is a semi-quantitative screening test, designed for early detection for the presence of microorganisms in water samples. It is not a substitute for certified laboratory tests required by regulations covering drinking water or medical use applications.

Environmental consulting and testing firms provide services that enable a broad range of infrastructure; from cooling towers, hotels, apartment buildings, private wells, water distribution, small businesses and more, to maintain the right level of environmental controls for water, air, soil, surfaces, and more.

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Detection limits

200 CFU/mL (with 50mL syringe); 500 CFU/mL (with 20mL syringe)


+/-20% across tested microorganisms


Manual Measurement, Sampling

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