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HMA Geotechnical Corrosive Environment Piezometer

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HMA Geotechnical Corrosive Environment Piezometer

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Model 4500 Corrosion Resistant Piezometers and Pressure Transducers are designed for use in chemically aggressive environments, such as mine tailings, leach pads, and marine applications.

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When measurements are required within corrosive environments such as tailings dams, leachate ponds, and brackish water, piezometer material construction must be considered. HMA can supply both a Titanium piezometer (Model 4500Ti) and an Inconel piezometer (Model 4500INCO) depending on the site-specific requirements. The Model 4500Ti is designed specifically for use in highly corrosive environments such as landfills and leach fields. Also used in critical areas where long term survivability is essential, for example, as in nuclear waste repositories and aggressive mine tailings. All exterior surfaces are made from titanium. The Model 4500INCO is constructed with a dual O-ring seal and Inconel shell. The robust construction allows for its use in corrosive and harsh environments where normal piezometers would not be suitable.

Additional information

Pressure ranges

4500INCO 70. 170. 350. 700. 1000. 2000. 3000. 5000. 7500. 10000. 20000 kPa, 4500Ti 350. 700. 1000. 2000. 3000. 5000. 7500. 10000 kPa

Over Range

1.5 x Rated Pressure


0.025% Full Scale


±0.1% Full Scale

Temperature range

−20°C to +80°C


Bare Sensor


HMA Geotechnical

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