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DataStream™ Service Level Agreement

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DataStream™ Service Level Agreement

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This service provides integration of multiple telemetry and cloud-based sensor networks into a single dashboard and data management system.

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Supporting IOT networks is complex. The myriad of different sensors, telemetry, 3rd party data management services can be overwhelming. HydroTerra offers a unique service which is underpinned by our DataStream™ Service Level Agreement. These agreements offer a tiered support service as described below:

Tier 1 (Monitoring System Provision) This service is used where third-party hosting of telemetered sensor networks and/or spot measurement tablet devices and/or laboratory data management software are utilised from one or more cloud based systems. HydroTerra: manages the engagement of those third parties, the ongoing fees for both the software hosting and SIMs; configures the third party system(s) remotely and utilises our quality system for naming conventions and parameter units. Tier 1 support excludes alarm support, these are routed to client.

Access to third party systems is through DataStream™ Client portal.

Tier 2 (Monitoring System Provision & Oversight) This service combines the functionality of the Tier 1 offering with provision of oversight an integrated DataStream™ alarm system with agreed response times for the alarms.

DataStream™ SLA Tier 3 (Monitoring System Provision, oversight and Data Validation). This service combines the functionality of the Tier 1 and Tier 2 offering with the provision of additional data management services. Data is ingested into a centralised DataStream™ Database. DataStream™ Management Software is utilised to undertake Data Validation including: Linear interpolation. Data is reported in consolidated data files. Integrated Sensor Networks are integrated as one dataset and can be visualised as any combination of that dataset. The system is maintained remotely by HydroTerra. The system documentation provided, includes a Monitoring Plan & System Specification.

DataStream™ SLA Tier 4 (Monitoring Site Quality System, Monitoring System Provision, Site Information Management System & Data QA/QC and Provenance Reporting). This service is used where data provenance is critical. This service combines the functionality of the Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 offering and incorporates a quality system, which ensures that the necessary records are retained to allow data provenance reporting to be undertaken.

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