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DGSI Heavy-Duty VW Piezometers

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DGSI Heavy-Duty VW Piezometers

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Durham Geo’s (DGSI) Heavy-Duty VW Piezometers are a variant of the standard borehole piezometer featuring a thick-walled stainless-steel body and are supplied with double-jacket armoured cable.

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Durham Geo’s (DGSI) VW piezometers are primarily used to monitor water pressure but can also be used for water level monitoring. They provide both pressure and temperature readouts.

The heavy-duty model has a strong, double-wall housing and is supplied with armoured cable.

VW piezometers convert water pressure to a frequency signal through a diaphragm, tensioned steel wire, and electromagnetic coil. VW piezometers can be directly grouted-in using a bentonite-cement grout which simplifies the installation of multiple piezometers and can be installed with an inclinometer.

VW piezometers have a high resolution of 0.025% FS, high accuracy, rapid response times, and reliable signal transmission pressure and temperature readouts.

VW piezometers are available in standard, corrosion-resistant, heavy-duty, and low-pressure models.

Custom cable lengths are available for all models.

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10 bar (150 psi), 17 bar (250 psi), 3.5 bar (50 psi), 35 bar (500 psi), 7 bar (100 psi), Signal Cable




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