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Sentek Soil Moisture Drill & Drop Probe Bluetooth

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Sentek Soil Moisture Drill & Drop Probe Bluetooth

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Sentek’s Drill & Drop Bluetooth probe is a simple, powerful soil moisture monitoring tool.

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Sentek’s Drill & Drop Bluetooth probe is a simple, powerful soil moisture monitoring tool.

The probe is designed for ease of use. Data can be collected on your mobile phone using our app without the need for complex, and expensive cellular, and satellite modem telemetry.

Drill & Drop Bluetooth can be used for vegetable crops, flower farming, berries, crop research and consulting as well as tree pots and nurseries.


– Cable free, battery powered and easy to relocate.
– Tapered shape allows for extremely fast and high-quality undisturbed installation in majority of soil types.
– Ability to measure the true soil profile, NOT slurry.
– Pre-normalised sensors with inbuilt default calibration equations.
– Once downloaded to the Connect App, your data is then uploaded to IrriMAX Live.
– Soil moisture charts are displayed in IrriMAX Live through any web browser on your phone or laptop.
– Available with moisture, salinity and temperature sensors at every 10 cm (4 inches) depth.


– Best choice for vegetable crops, due to the fast and easy install and extraction techniques.
– Ideal for use in areas without mobile reception, simply download the data to your phone in the field and upload later on when back at the office.
– Manage irrigations to save water, power, fertilizer and time, along with increased yields and quality.
– Fast and undisturbed, slurry-free installation procedure, increasing the validity of soil moisture and salinity readings.
– Combine soil moisture, salinity and temperature readings to see what’s happening in the soil profile.

This product is compatible with IrriMAX and Datastream.

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30 mm


120 cm, 30 cm, 60 cm, 90 cm


Integrated Systems, Manual Measurement

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Soil Moisture Sensors & Telemetry

Australian based Sentek Technologies has revolutionised soil moisture, fertilizer and salinity management with its range of sensing solutions

Sentek’s technology is used to simply visualise the dynamics of the plant-water-salt-soil-atmosphere interactions. Irrigators use these solutions to manage their day-to-day irrigation, fertigation and salinity requirements. The products also have applications in agriculture, turf, mining and environmental management.

HydroTerra has been distributing Senteks products for more than a decade, installing, configuring and supporting our clients to get the data that they require.

Sentek’s products are used in agriculture, horticulture, viticulture, wastewater management, research, mining and environmental industries around the world.

In the year 2000, Sentek began to expand its product range from its original, continuous soil moisture monitoring solution EnviroSCAN, to the release of the portable Diviner 2000 system. Sentek then released the EasyAG probe, a slim-line probe specifically designed for shallow rooted crops. The company also shifted its focus from solely proprietary products to having an open integration platform, working with other technology companies to provide complete solutions to a range of different markets. Since then Sentek has continued to release a range of new products.

The TriSCAN sensor is a revolutionary sensor with the capability to measure salinity and soil moisture in one sensor. TriSCAN coupled with Sentek’s IrriMAX software, is the most comprehensive irrigation and fertigation management tool ever developed by Sentek. Through the IrriMAX software and GPRS/3G telemetry of Sentek PLUS solutions, users can now access their data any time, anywhere in the world with internet access.

The release of Sentek Solo, a battery powered, logging probe with in-field download, has opened up yet another alternative in continuous soil moisture and salinity monitoring. Sentek MULTI expands on the Sentek PLUS solution, allowing multiple probes and other sensors such as rain gauges and temperature sensors to be connected to the one telemetry device.