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Sentek Solo

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Sentek Solo

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Sentek Solo is a cost effective, continuous soil moisture and salinity monitoring solution.

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Sentek Solo is a cost effective, continuous soil moisture and salinity monitoring solution. The Sentek Solo system consists of a battery powered, logging EnviroSCAN probe connected to a Solo Head Unit.

Data is accessed in-field via the robust SoloPORTER™ or a notebook computer, and displayed in Sentek’s IrriMAX software. Probes utilise the same interface as Sentek Plus, allowing for simple upgrade to wireless, web compatible communications.

– One Sentek Solo Head Unit required per probe
– Sentek Solo Head Unit is connected to the probe via 3 metres of cable
– Powered by a single 6V lantern battery
– Robust download port for in-field downloading

Store your soil moisture and salinity data in the field and easily download it via a cable to your PC or tablet. Or connect to a SoloPORTER data transfer device for convenient data storage and transfer using your PC’s USB port. We recommend the SOLO for research projects, parks & gardens, and entry level agricultural monitoring projects. Using the same interface as Sentek PLUS, this allows for a simple upgrade to wireless communications if your needs change.

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Soil Moisture Sensors & Telemetry

Australian based Sentek Technologies has revolutionised soil moisture, fertilizer and salinity management with its range of sensing solutions

Sentek’s technology is used to simply visualise the dynamics of the plant-water-salt-soil-atmosphere interactions. Irrigators use these solutions to manage their day-to-day irrigation, fertigation and salinity requirements. The products also have applications in agriculture, turf, mining and environmental management.

HydroTerra has been distributing Senteks products for more than a decade, installing, configuring and supporting our clients to get the data that they require.

Sentek’s products are used in agriculture, horticulture, viticulture, wastewater management, research, mining and environmental industries around the world.

In the year 2000, Sentek began to expand its product range from its original, continuous soil moisture monitoring solution EnviroSCAN, to the release of the portable Diviner 2000 system. Sentek then released the EasyAG probe, a slim-line probe specifically designed for shallow rooted crops. The company also shifted its focus from solely proprietary products to having an open integration platform, working with other technology companies to provide complete solutions to a range of different markets. Since then Sentek has continued to release a range of new products.

The TriSCAN sensor is a revolutionary sensor with the capability to measure salinity and soil moisture in one sensor. TriSCAN coupled with Sentek’s IrriMAX software, is the most comprehensive irrigation and fertigation management tool ever developed by Sentek. Through the IrriMAX software and GPRS/3G telemetry of Sentek PLUS solutions, users can now access their data any time, anywhere in the world with internet access.

The release of Sentek Solo, a battery powered, logging probe with in-field download, has opened up yet another alternative in continuous soil moisture and salinity monitoring. Sentek MULTI expands on the Sentek PLUS solution, allowing multiple probes and other sensors such as rain gauges and temperature sensors to be connected to the one telemetry device.