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Swan Systems

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Swan Systems

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SWAN Systems enables irrigators to optimise and manage water and nutrient application.

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SWAN Systems is a cost effective decision support system that enables irrigators to optimise and manage water and nutrient application. The precision irrigation software processes a range of inputs (forecast weather, irrigation volumes, satellite imagery, nutrient levels in water and soil moisture readings) to provide the information required for precise scheduling and monitoring of irrigation and nutrient applications. This in turn has benefits for economic, environmental and social outcomes through optimised resources use and reduced leaching.

SWAN Systems is a secure, web based, soil moisture measurement and monitoring decision support system that collects automatically logged data from sensors, including but not limited to; flow meters, soil moisture probes and weather stations.

As SWAN is designed to be hardware independent, clients can use their existing sensors without the expense of installing new equipment. SWAN takes into account the different characteristics of each of your sites (e.g. field, orchard, park, playing field) so that the information and recommendations it provides are accurate and relevant. Configurable features include soil and crop characteristics, water budgets, irrigation system details, and weather data sources.

Why use Swan Systems? Unprecedented global economic growth is increasing the demand and cost for the strategic resources of food, water, nutrients and energy. Future demand is projected to outstrip easily available supplies. At the same time climate change and population growth is putting pressure on the environment and urban green spaces, leading to governments and the public increasingly questioning irrigators’ right-to-exist. To meet these challenges and to take advantage of the opportunities they present, irrigators will need to optimise their use of all inputs, especially water, nutrients and energy. By doing so, they will reduce their costs, increase productivity and eliminate or reduce harmful effects on the environment.

SWAN Systems is a science-based and user-friendly decision support system that will help you to navigate these issues in a cost effective and accountable way. It collects, aggregates and simplifies data from sensors, meters, weather stations and weather forecasters to provide you with the information you need. It includes functions for the planning, budgeting, monitoring, management and reporting of water and nutrients applied to any site, be it agricultural or urban green space. Its ability to work for such a wide range of industries makes it the leading irrigation management software available in the market today. Applications is ideal for the following industries; agriculture, horticulture, water utilities, public open spaces, golf courses & schools.

HydroTerra provides support for this cloud-based monitoring system.

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Swan Systems