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Unidata Neon

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Unidata Neon

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A server-based suite of software that provides centralised data capture and management for Neon dataloggers and RTU units.

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The Neon Server Applications software is the server-based suite of software that is part of an overall Neon system. This suite of software provides centralised data capture and management for remote field-based Neon data loggers and RTU units.
Received data can be viewed on the Neon Web user interface in near real-time from any browser or can be disseminated to third party storage or data visualisation systems via several different reporting and interface mechanisms.

The Neon system also can issue control commands based on pre-set algorithms and issue alarms and notifications via several mediums. Alarm setpoints can be set up on the Neon data logger/ RTU units as well as the Neon central server and alarm notifications can be sent via several methods including email and SMS text messages. Alarm triggers can initiate physical actions in the field such as turning pumps on and off or activating other control functions based on the internal program within the Neon data logger/ RTU.

The Neon system has fully bi-directional communications between the Neon data logger/ RTU units and the central Neon server. This allows for remote diagnosis, remote programming and remote firmware updating for complete remote operation of the remote equipment and this minimises costly site visits. Neon data logger/ RTU units can be configured to read sensors, log data internally to local memory and push data to the central Neon server at user-settable intervals such as once a minute, every few minutes, every hour, once a day.

The Neon Server Applications software is offered as either a hosted service for a subscription fee, managed by Unidata or customers can purchase a Neon Server Applications Server License and run the software on their own server.

HydroTerra provides support for this cloud-based monitoring system.

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IP based push data model

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Neon dataloggers and RTU units


Data Management

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Environmental sensors and telemetry

Unidata specialises in the design, manufacture, supply and support of products and solutions for environmental monitoring and industrial measurement. Products and systems range from acquisition devices, to standalone and IP (Ethernet, cellular and satellite) connected loggers, through to web based logging and analysis tools.

Unidata started operations in the 1970s as a joint venture with the University of Western Australia. At this time Unidata dealt extensively with university related data activities, hence the name ‘Unidata’.

Unidata has delivered around 50,000 data loggers and measuring instruments to around 5,000 customers worldwide. Unidata products are installed in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, China, Japan and Australia. Many installations have been in continuous use for more than 20 years, and the product / service life typically exceeds 10 years.

Unidata’s product range can be configured to provide solutions for most environmental monitoring and industrial measurement requirements.