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HYCAT Autonomous Surface Vehicle for Remote Monitoring

Xylem - YSI

The HYCAT Autonomous Surface Vehicle (ASV) is the newest element in the Xylem brand Autonomous and Remote Vehicle Monitoring Solutions. Developed in partnership by YSI and SeaRobotics, this unique ASV combines products from multiple brands to provide a total solution for your site. Sensors have plug-and-play capabilities, allowing the HYCAT to be customized to your specific site needs. The HYCAT can also be easily deployed with two people in remote locations, not requiring ramp/dock launch access. 



Water Quality


Side Scan Sonar




Real-Time Positioning


Water Velocity


Depth Measurement


Remote Data Acquisition

Specification, User Manual and Brochure
Connectivity/communications Line of sight; WiFi; 5.8GHz

Length: 1.8m

Beam: 0.86m

Draft: 0.15m

Weight: 54kg


8hrs @ 2 knots

6hrs @ 3 knots

2.7hrs @ 4 knots

Operating conditions

Air temperature: -20C to +45C

Water temperature: +4C to 32C

Hand remote controller Ruggedized operator control unit with internal DC and external 120/240 VAC external power input. Joystick with softkeys to effortlessly switch between autonomous and RC control modes
Mission planning tools REALTIME mission planning, monitoring and data acquisition via ASV driver for  HYPACK MAX
Onboard electronics 6th Gen Intel® Core™ i5-6440EQ 4-Core 2.7GHz processor with MS Windows 10. 512GB (Solid State Hard drive).
Power 1 x 1500 Whr 24VDC nom UN38.3 rated Li-ion Battery. Field swappable
Propulsion system 2X 1KW BLDC Pocket Thrusters
Software HYPACK MAX, SonTek River Surveyor, YSI EXO KOR
Speed range ASV: 0 – 8 knots (surveying 1.5 – 3.0 knots)
Steering Differential thrust