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i3XO EcoMapper AUV

Xylem - YSI

YSI Integrated Systems & Services partnered with Ocean Server Technology to combine the Iver3 Autonomous Underwater Vehicle and the YSI EXO water quality system to create the i3XO AUV. The i3XO is the combination of the latest in water quality and AUV’s combined into one robust monitoring platform.  

The i3XO AUV will provide high resolution water quality data, side scan sonar imaging, downward looking current profiling, and bathymetric surveying.  Used by government agencies, military, universities, contractors, and private organizations, the versatility of the i3XO is perfect for all your monitoring requirements.

Acoustic pinger Underwater locator beacon
Antenna mast

Navigation Lights, with IR and Visible LEDs (programmable strobe)


Wireless 802.11g Ethernet standard (Iridium optional) Surface: 2.4 GHz telemetry radio for Handheld Remote; and/or Iridium with cloud based tracking software

Data management

Programmable Resolution

Vector Map - Mission Planning and Data Viewing

Sonar Mosaic - Processes sonar records for overlay to Vector Map

Bathymosaic - Creates GeoTiff images of a side scan records and KMZ files for Google Earth

Underwater Vehicle Console (uvc) - Operation, run, mission, remote control

Depth/pressure rating/limit 100 Meters (328 ft)
Field rugged operator console Getac for mission planning, operating and data viewing
GPS High accuracy, land based AUV calibration tool
Monitoring 8-14 hours at 2.5 knot speed; configuration dependent
Navigation Surface: GPS (WAAS corrected). Subsurface: RDI Doppler Velocity Log(DVL), 81M range, depth sensor and corrected compass
Object advance sounder Imagenex 852 forward looking echo sounder in AUV bow
Onboard Electronics Intel Dual Core 1.6 GHz N2600 processor with MS Windows embedded; Up to 512 GB solid state drive for data storage
Power 800 WHrs of rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries, (swappable section), Charging - 24V External Connector with USB 2.0 supports
Propulsion system 48V Servo Controlled DC Motor with 3-blade cast bronze propeller

Length - 60-85in, Standard

Tube Diameter - 5.8 inches

Weight - 70 lbs., Standard

Sonar side scan Tritech Starfish, Single frequency 450kHz
Speed range 1-4 knots (0.5-2.0 m/s)
Brochure and specification sheet