Sample Serve: how does it work?

16 February 2023


The SampleServe platform begins with a simple to use web-based project management tool that saves project managers time on scheduling and communication.
This allows you to:

  • Access unlimited historical data upload
  • Link directly with your lab
  • Communicate in real time with field staff and laboratories

Then you get the mobile app which allows you to collect and transmit all relevant environmental data including GPS and photos. This will increase accuracy and also makes field staff 20% more efficient. The lab app uses bar-coded labels coupled with the digital chain-of-custody instructions to save significant labor costs on data entry and completely eliminates any transcription errors. BONUS, it is available for free to any laboratory!

SampleServe can also create extensive visual reports, graphics, and even conceptual site models in seconds, it does all this at 15% of the cost of original methods.
The main benefits of using SampleServe is the large reduction in costs and the invaluable time which it saves you in data recording and analysis. Over the entire process of undertaking projects in which data is collected and analysed, SampleServe saves you around 50% of what traditional methods would cost you!

The SampleServe platform is an excellent tool for managing, scheduling, coordinating sampling during Phase II due diligence projects. Historical data is easily uploaded, then augmented by new data during field investigations and transaction. It can then also seamlessly transition within SampleServe for additional ongoing work and sampling if needed.

Link below provides a more in depth explanation of SampleServe – videos included:

SampleEnv (