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HydroTerra Project Delivery

HydroTerra has unique blend of internal expertise (experienced scientists and engineers) and technological knowledge that provides practical, cost effective solutions to increase monitoring and assessment efficiency and meet compliance requirements. 

A showcase of a small sample of our projects can be found following the links to the left.

We aim to protect our clients reputation and right to operate by ensuring compliance with environmental regulations in the most robust and efficient manner possible.

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Staged Approach to Project Delivery

Stage 1. Review assessment and compliance requirements. Typically, this entails reviewing the assessment and approved monitoring plans of the specific site; and reviewing the monitoring and reporting requirements. This stage involves liaison with amongst others, the site operators, consultants, regulators and accredited Environmental Auditors.

Stage 2. Collate and document assessment requirements, inventory site monitoring infrastructure, parameters required, frequency of measurement and reporting.

Stage 3. Review of the cost basis of the current monitoring and assessment approach, calculation of bench mark costs for specific assessment activities.

Stage 4. Review alternative approaches to monitoring and reporting and quantify in a cost benefit analysis the optimum method for monitoring and reporting.

Stage 5. Develop monitoring/assessment system specification including: Standard operating procedures (SOPs) for field data collection, manual measurement templates, assessment technologies, automated monitoring infrastructure and automated reporting templates as required. This specification describes in detail the monitoring system and forms the basis for implementation.

 Upon completion of Stage 5, HydroTerra can implement the monitoring program including provision of monitoring equipment, installation, telemetry, data management, hosting and customisation of reporting. This process typically involves integration into HydroTerra’s Data management system, DataStream. HydroTerra offers ongoing support for the customised monitoring program. It is important to note, that the process drives the most cost effective outcome – this is not always automation.