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Telemetry & Data Management

HydroTerra’s data management service, “DataStream” sets a new standard for the way clients can manage their environmental and compliance monitoring data. DataStream is powered by 4zero meaning it is more powerful, secure and flexible than ever before.

The DataStream portal is a secure and customised platform for storage and management of manual field data, telemetered data, laboratory results, field notes and photographs – all displayed in an elegant web based platform. 

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Customised reporting includes graphical interface, real time display, alarm notifications and data downloads for use in other software applications.  Geographic Information System (GIS) based mapping allows users to visually link data to physical locations at the click of a mouse!

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The real strength of our DataStream platform is through efficiency gained by automated data transfer from the field to reporting in a format that our clients need. Consultant partners use DataStream outputs for their own reporting and expert interpretation, producing a high quality finished product in a cost effective way.


DataStream, unlike most data management platforms, isn't tied to any onen technology. In fact, multiple sensors and telemetry systems can be seamlessly combined into the one data pipeline and aggregated within the secure DataStream.

Gateway image

The exact telemetry and sensor combination can be designed in concert with our Engineers to develop a field data acquisition system to meet your specifications and budget. No matter how big or small.


Data security is one of the biggest challenges facing the Internet of Things (IoT) age. By powering DataStream with the backend grunt of 4Zero Technologies, data is collected with industry-leading security. Wired connections are secured using industry-standard IPC methods and then wireless communications from the field to the cloud are obfuscated and secured behind proprietary encryption designed with Defence in Depth strategies and cyclically refreshed encryption keys.

Data security systemData collection features a self-regulating checking mechanism to ensure no data loss occurs. Therefore, DataStream is perfect for low connectivity implementations.


 DataStream autonomous monitoring platform           


Managing, interrogating and reporting on information collected from multiple sites, each with multiple sensors collecting a range of readings is made easy with DataStream!