Solinst’s trusty 105 well casing and depth indicator

16 November 2023


Solinst has been trusted by hydrogeologists for their practical, effective tools for more than 40 years. Among them is the Solinst 105 well casing and depth indicator, a handy tool that makes groundwater monitoring and sampling simpler by handling two important tasks with a single probe – detecting metal well casing and measuring total well depth.

Why does this matter? Knowing the well casing depth is crucial because it helps you ensure the integrity of the well structure.  Also, if you don’t know where the casing ends, you might risk contaminating your groundwater with surface pollutants. It’s all about protecting your water source. Total well depth matters too. It’s essential to understand the full depth of the well to monitor and manage water resources effectively. Plus, it’s a crucial step in well construction, maintenance, and decommissioning. Accurate interpretation and measurements are the key to making informed decisions.

The Model 105 uses a durable laser-marked flat tape with millimeter markings for precision. With lengths available from 30 to 600 meters, it’s adaptable for various well depths. Whether you’re installing a groundwater well, detecting cracks in well casing, or confirming existing well construction, the Model 105 has you covered.

In a nutshell, the Solinst Model 105 is a practical tool for groundwater professionals. It simplifies the vital tasks of detecting well casing and measuring total well depth. In the world of hydrogeology, where water quality and resource management are paramount, having the right tools is everything.


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