Solinst Distributor Conference 2024 – A huge success!

13 June 2024


Our friends from Canada recently hosted a Distributor Conference which was held over 3 days. The conference included informative presentations and more hands-on practical sessions that ever before! Solinst brought together over 40 distributors from all around the world.

Day 1 featured talks on Solinst dataloggers and an introduction to the new Solinst Cloud, a powerful data and device management tool. They discussed Level Measurement Devices and introduced a new tool that everyone was excited about! Attendees also got a first-hand look at the innovative technology used to produce Solinst Instruments.

Day 2 featured a talk on Solinst Groundwater Samplers, practical hands-on sessions to get more familiar with the Solinst Cloud and LevelSender Telemetry integration, Solinst Water Level Meter tips and tricks, and Solinst Groundwater Samplers in action.

Day 3 focused on high-resolution monitoring and remediation, with a presentation and hands-on look at Solinst Multilevel Systems and the Waterloo Emitter bioremediation device.

A message from Solinst:

“Our distributors are integral to our commitment to providing exceptional customer service to our clients worldwide. As such, we are delighted with the Solinst Distributor Conference 2024 turnout! We want to thank all the participants and our employees for their commitment to making this event a success. We couldn’t have done it without you!”