The Solinst Roadshow – A great success!

14 December 2023


Richard Campbell (Left) and Joe Revelle (Right)

In Mid-November HydroTerra coordinated a roadshow in collaboration with Solinst. Our friends from Canada flew down for the event. This extensive roadshow traversed diverse locations throughout Australia, presenting a pivotal opportunity to actively engage with clients on a national scale. The primary objective was to introduce and showcase the latest technological advancements in environmental monitoring equipment.

Solinst, renowned for manufacturing high-quality groundwater instrumentation for over four decades, have been a steadfast partner of HydroTerra since our inception. The roadshow provided us with a platform to showcase the ever-growing product portfolio, initially rooted in water level meters, and now encompassing a comprehensive array of offerings such as dataloggers, telemetry, multi-level systems, groundwater pumps, stand-pipe piezometers, among many others. The trip was split into two teams in order to cover every major capital city in 5 days: Nick Bailey and Scott Belshaw covering Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth, while Richard Campbell and Joe Revelle engaged customers in Sydney, Newcastle, and Brisbane.

Nick Bailey (Left) and Scott Belshaw (Right)

Some of the enduring topics of interest included a growing demand for affordable telemetry solutions, and the requisite equipment suitable for PFAS groundwater sampling. The recently introduced bare level sensor (model 301) by Solinst, seamlessly integrated with our cellular/satellite telemetry systems, has emerged as a well-aligned solution for numerous customer requirements within groundwater monitoring projects. The week-long roadshow provided a gratifying opportunity to reconnect with clients, explore potential collaborative endeavours, and gain valuable insights into prevailing industry challenges. Getting back on the road meeting clients face to face and fostering meaningful dialogues made the rest-less week more than worthwhile.

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