HydroTerra provides industry-relevant training covering all aspects of environmental monitoring and its application. Our training is provided by experienced engineers, scientists and instrumentation technicians. This blend of expertise provides a unique learning experience to bridge the gap between university-style academic knowledge and the practical know-how required to deliver professional environmental monitoring services. This training is bespoke, targeted to specific needs and is a unique offering in the sector.


Sign up here to take part in HydroTerra’s Webinar Series – there’s two free webinars held most months and made available for anyone to access here.

Two types of webinars make up the highly successful fortnightly HydroTerra Webinar Series:

101 Webinars

Providing in-depth guidance on environmental monitoring methods, presented by experienced instrumentation technicians, field scientists and engineers. The webinars are technical in nature and are typically attended by industry practitioners wishing to understand how an environmental monitoring method should be performed, how data can be reported and what equipment to use.

Industry Experts Webinars

Lead by industry experts these webinars highlight advances in environmental monitoring technology and its disruptive application. The webinars typically tackle specific challenges facing industry and help to solve Occupational Health & Safety, Operational and Environmental Compliance needs.

Technology Workshops

HydroTerra’s in-house field technicians and environmental monitoring experts provide comprehensive hands-on equipment training for contractors, consultants, researchers and industry.  Some of our most common training topics include:

  • Low flow sampling
  • Soil vapour sampling
  • Dissolved gas sampling
  • Landfill monitoring
  • Soil moisture monitoring
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Air quality monitoring

Face-to-face and on-line workshops are available. The times and locations are 100 per cent flexible. We can also build bespoke workshops or a more comprehensive training program to suit your needs. Please contact us here.

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HydroTerra Courses

We have a broad range of end-to-end courses and other valuable resources available through our e-learning centre.

Our courses range in duration from half a day to a full week of learning, delivered by relevant experts with current knowledge and experience, backed up with ongoing support.

The content provides in-depth insights from legislation and compliance, pre-start planning, and equipment selection, through to installation, operation, calibration, maintenance, data management and reporting.

The most popular courses include:

A full list of available courses is accessed here. We also build bespoke courses or comprehensive training programs to suit your needs. Please contact us here.

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