Water level meters galore | Part 1

21 September 2022


When it comes to water level meters (WLM), Solinst offers a huge range!

While there is undoubtedly the right WLM for your job, deciding which one is the right one, can be tricky. We understand this dilemma, because we help customers make these choices every day. We try to make decision making and equipment selection easier for our clients, so have prepared a comprehensive comparison table in Part 2 of this article, right below this one. We hope you find it helpful when it comes time to select the right WLM for your next job. You can email this article to yourself by clicking on the email icon above so you can keep it handy.

If you need further help, we are always here to assist you in your decision making. Please email info@hydroterra.com.au for any WLM related inquiries or call us on (03) 8683 0091.