Exciting new products from Waterra!

13 June 2024


A recent visit to Waterra in Canada has given us insight into a couple of exciting new products.  These will shortly be added to our Marketplace, but here is a quick preview.

Waterra 1 UP Pump


Waterra has developed an innovative portable peristaltic pump for sampling ground and surface water.  Some of the key features includes:

  • 230 VAC input or 12 VDC input via 3m cable with alligator clips.
  • 4 choices of rechargeable battery including Lithium Ion Phosphate (LIFE) batteries for reduced weight and improved performance.
  • Speed and battery life displays.
  • Speed control and reversible direction switch.
  • And very important – a USB port to charge your mobile phone in the field.

Peristaltic pumps over the advantage of simplicity of use and with the advantage of lightweight batteries, are ideal for fieldwork.  Their maximum list is limited to about 8m at sea level, but they certainly have a place in any groundwater sampling kit.

Waterra HS-2

HS-2 Waterra Oil-Water Interface

The HS-2 utilizes ultrasonic sensors to define the product layer and a conductivity sensor to detect water.  This new technology is not only very accurate, but also has extremely low power consumption.  The tape is available in 2 lengths – 30m and 50m and is coated in Polyethylene for durability and for preventing adherence to wet surfaces.  In addition, Polyethylene coated tapes are PFAS free.

For further details, please contact the HydroTerra sales team on +61 (3) 8683 0091.