Our next webinar!

20 July 2023


Did you know that landfills pose a greater threat to global warming than we may realise? In fact, in Australia around 13 million tons of CO2-e (Carbon Dioxide equivalent) are emitted into our atmosphere from organic waste being deposited in landfills. As the issue of climate change becomes increasingly urgent, we can no longer afford to overlook this critical problem.

However, there is some hope thanks to Landfill Gas Industries Ltd (LGI). Proven solutions exist to minimize and capture these greenhouse gas emissions. Our next webinar presenter, Dr Victoria McKay from LGI Ltd, will explain the design of landfill gas extraction systems, their expected performance, and the funding mechanisms that make these systems not only environmentally beneficial but also cost-neutral for landfill owners and operators. However, despite these viable solutions, the adoption of these systems has not been as rapid as expected when considering all the concerns with global warming. This is mainly due to challenges in accessing funds and credits for sensible investments in such schemes. Such issues will be discussed in the second part of our upcoming webinar.

So please join us at our next webinar to explore these exciting new solutions addressing landfill gas emissions and fortifying our fight against climate change. Our presenter, Dr. Victoria McKay, has worked in the waste environmental compliance sector for the past five years as Senior Technical Officer (Environment) with Bundaberg Regional Council, recently joining LGI Ltd as an analyst and technician in the landfill gas management space. LGI Ltd specialise in providing renewable energy and carbon abatement solutions to their customers. They are known for their impressive track record of proving innovative, commercial solutions for landfill owners and operators.

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear from Dr. Victoria McKay at 12:30pm AEST on Friday 28 July for what promises to be a fascinating presentation.

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