Webinars: From landfill to water resource management

20 April 2023


On Friday 14 April, we were joined by Senversa’s Neil Thomson for another instalment of the HydroTerra Webinar Series.

Neil’s presentation was all about landfills. Specifically using fill plans to optimise the consumption of landfill airspace. He went into great detail about what fill plans and 3D models actually are, and how they are used to increase efficiency. His plethora of experience made for a highly interesting, in-depth presentation. We had a very encouraging level of engagement from the audience, with the Q&A section comprising a large part of the webinar time.

Check out Neil’s full webinar presentation here!

As HydroTerra look to invest more attention to the landfill sector, specifically the monitoring aspects, Neil’s presentation was a great way to kick this off. Thank you again to Neil and to everyone who attended what was a very successful webinar.

Our next webinar is at 12.30pm on Friday 28 April where we will be welcoming David Hamilton, the Director of The Australian Rivers Institute to talk about “The challenges and opportunities of remote sensing for water resource management”.

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