Webinar tomorrow! Fugitive landfill gas emissions

18 April 2024


For our next webinar, we are joined by Paul Lightbody from Mockinya Consulting. Paul is an expert landfill advisor with over 30 years of experience in landfill engineering, closure and emissions management.

Our focus in this webinar will be on methane emissions. We will discuss preliminary results of controlled release studies. Several methods were compared and presented at the Global Waste Symposium in Feb 2024.

Paul’s presentation will cover:

  • What are fugitive emissions?
  • Objectives of fugitive emissions monitoring.
  • Technologies available to detect and techniques available to quantify.
  • Validation studies (real-world performance).
  • Summary of methods and selection considerations.

Please join us tomorrow @12:30pm to hear from Paul. This one is going to be very interesting; we look forward to seeing many of you there. You can register now via the link below. Registering now allows you to ask an early-bird question which Paul will answer live on the webinar.

Register Here