Yabby dabba doo

18 May 2022


Floating Dam Level Sensor

We are excited to introduce Yabby Sensors and Consulting (Yabby) to HydroTerra’s growing range of water sensors and telemetry technologies.

Yabby is a turnkey solutions and technology provider, designing a range of sensors (water and soil), pump switches, telemetry (NBIoT, satellite, radio connectivity) trackers and cameras, remote monitoring & control, asset tracking, and cold chain monitoring.  Yabby’s experts are supported by research and development teams who achieve continuous improvement in functionality of products and service.

Yabby’s business model has been cultivated out of a passion for Agriculture and AgTech. They have decades of consulting experience and have their headquarters at the Sunshine Coast, QLD.

The unique ‘Floating Dam Level Sensor’ with telemetry (see picture) is an example of a technology solution unique to Yabby which we believe can benefit HydroTerra’s customers.  Another is the tank and groundwater level sensor range.

We look forward to partnering Yabby’s passion helping enhance our customer’s ability to manage their resources sustainably and safely.