Game-changing Solar Nanosatellite IoT Datalogger

24 November 2022


Yabby have officially released their new rugged and robust IoT data logger. Using Solar Nanosatellite, the datalogger is suitable for a wide range of sensors and monitoring applications anywhere in the world. Some oLEOf the key features of the nanosatellite logger are:

  • Limitless options for interfacing to multiple sensors at once (such as level, flow, rainfall)
  • Bluetooth gateway supporting Yabby’s Bluetooth node sensors allowing for 100s of additional sensors
  • Utilities SWARM space’s largest low-cost LEO satellite constellation providing the fastest latencies of less than 30 minutes
  • Low-cost data plans
  • Waterproof and rugged to survive the harshest of conditions

The Nanosatellite logger hosts a rechargeable lithium battery pack with a solar panel to support years of deployment. Visit our website to check out Yabby’s Nanosatellite logger now!