Yabby’s new Multi Sensor-Communication IoT gateway

16 March 2023


Yabby’s intended multi-sensor gateway release just got better! They have added multi-communication options to the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) including cellular, Myriota (LEO), SWARM (LEO) or Orbcomm modems and LoRa providing ultimate flexibility. This will be unrivalled in the industry with nothing like it on the market!

Yabby Sensor’s new Multi Communication Gateway product builds upon their existing and proven sensing and telemetry products, the new technology offers customers the most configurable and widely deployable platform yet. Sensor options can be customised for each application and can include sensors intended for, but not limited to weather, air quality, water levels, water quality, soil quality, and geotechnical parameters. The Yabby Sensor gateway collects and relays sensor data either via a global low-cost LEO or GEO satellite network, but that is not all, each sensor is also equipped with an integrated GPS, and data is automatically geo-tagged for easy map integration.

The Yabby Sensor Gateway is a modular design and is capable of providing a variety of satellite and cellular options without changing the core hardware. This makes the product highly unique and able to adapt for future needs.

Find out more about Yabby’s new technology here:

New Multi Sensor and Multi Communication IoT gateway