Webinar series success set to continue

15 December 2022


What a fabulous year it has been for the HydroTerra Webinar Series. Record-breaking registrations for 17 free webinars in the series means that more people than ever are valuing professional learning. More learnings are planning for 2023 (see below for an update).

The HydroTerra Webinar Series is designed to explore monitoring technologies and methods, and environmental issues that are important to us all. Creating operational efficiencies and improving sustainability are at the heart of each webinar.

This year, industry leaders, across varying fields of capability, have willingly volunteered their time for the betterment of consultants, contractors, regulators, educators, students and interested individuals. We thank them all for being so generous with their expertise.

Some interesting facts about this year’s series include:

  • More than 3200 people registered for a HydroTerra Webinar (a 25 per cent increase on 2021 registrations)
  • Nearly 2000 people attended the live webinars
  • More than 1200 people have so far viewed the webinars after the live event (stats as at 9 Dec)
  • Approximately 200 questions specific to our webinar content have been addressed by the HydroTerra team
  • The most-watched webinar of 2022 was “Soil carbon farming – measurement, modelling & error” with Phil Mulvey of Carbon Count and Environmental & Earth Sciences

Check out the webinars of 2022 below and click through to any you may have missed.

2023 webinar series 

So what does 2023 hold? Well, you have spoken and we have listened and next year we will focus our webinars on the key themes of telemetry, water quality and groundwater among others. We have planning some special events to specifically explore various application case studies within these themes.

The 2023 HydroTerra Webinar Series kicks off on Friday 20 January with a fascinating look at how Zoos Victoria (first carbon neutral certified zoo) has successfully reduced its emissions by 70 percent over the past five years. Kiam Yoong, the zoos Sustainability Manager will provide insights on emissions reductions through resource efficiency, waste management and renewables while highlighting their benefits. Put the date in your diary now and keep an eye out for when registrations open.

Missed a 2022 webinar? You can catch up here:

1 28/01/2022 101 Digital Solutions for sampling & reporting Russell Schindler (SampleServe) & Richard Campbell
2 11/02/2022 Is the Great Barrier Reef beyond saving? Dr John Runce & Richard Campbell
3 25/02/2022 Low flow pneumatic pump selection for your groundwater sampling application Joe Revelle (Solinst) & Richard Campbell
4 11/03/2022 101 Sensor selection for your water quality monitoring application Ryan Cox (Aquaread) & Richard Campbell
5 25/03/2022 Applied groundwater tracing | Another type of aquifer test Frederic Cosme (Geosyntec Consultants) & Richard Campbell
6 8/04/2022 Multilevel wells for high resolution characterisation of groundwater contamination Richard Campbell
7 29/04/2022 Landfill Monitoring | Best practice monitoring of landfills Nick Simmons (Australian Environmental Auditors) & Richard Campbell
8 27/05/2022 Passive soil vapour measurement | Best technologies, techniques & data for informed decision making Gary Hirst (SLR Consulting), Dr Brent Davey (Fyfe) & Richard Campbell
9 17/06/2022 Groundwater level and pressure monitoring systems Steve Cody (HydroTerra) & Richard Campbell
10 8/07/2022 Monitoring & forecasting catchment hydrology Dr. Paul Feikema (Bureau of Meteorology) & Richard Campbell
11 29/07/2022 Landfill leachate collection, treatment and monitoring Tyson Clingan (Mackenzie Environmental) & Richard Campbell
12 19/08/2022 Landfill Caps | The pros and cons of ‘conventional’ and ‘green’ alternatives Dr. Brent Davey (Fyfe) & Richard Campbell
13 16/09/2022 Soil carbon farming | Measurement, modelling & error Phil Mulvey (Carbon Count & Environmental & Earth Sciences) & Richard Campbell
14 7/10/2022 Tailings Dam Monitoring | What needs to be measured and best practice measurement Associate Professor Gavin Mudd (RMIT University) & Richard Campbell
15 14/10/2022 Microbial monitoring for groundwater remediation and enhanced site management Sam Rosolina (Microbial Insights) & Richard Campbell
16 4/11/2022 How climate change is affecting flood planning & design Dr Conrad Wasko (Melb Uni) & Richard Campbell
17 2/12/2022 Smart cities and urban water management tools – Future trends in urban water and information systems Warwick Bishop (Water Technology) & Gordon Carter