3G to 4G Sentek modem upgrades

20 July 2023


Protective guards decrease antenna damage saving costs in repairs & replacements

With the fast approaching scheduled shutdown of 3G across the country, Sentek recently undertook a project with the purpose of executing the conversion of Modems from 3G to 4G connectivity for the soil moisture monitoring and irrigation control systems. The initiative targeted a very large geographic area in anticipation of the 3G phase-out.

What was their solution?

The solution involved upgrading the connectivity of the irrigation systems to 4G hardware through progressively replacing RT6 hardware with all-in-one units. The project also included some additional upgrades such as the installation of 7 decibel whip antennas on plus units and external antennas on the all-in-one units. Custom-made protective guards were made to protect these external antennas from wildlife.

What were the results?

The project is nearing completion with more than 70 percent of the sites now upgraded to 4G connectivity, with 60 percent of these sites also transferred to IrriMAX Live. This provided customers with a more robust and reliable network for their soil moisture monitoring and irrigation control systems. The protective guards also decreased the amount of antenna damage, saving costs in repairs and replacements (see image).

HydroTerra is progressively working through our clients’ needs and installing the technology required for the 4G upgrade to ensure seamless ongoing operation. If you think you need an upgrade, give us a call on (03) 8683 0091 and we would be happy to help both with your equipment and the onsite installation needs.