Gas monitoring at landfill sites

20 July 2023


Landfill gas is a mix of different gases that are created by the actions of microorganisms as they decompose organic waste. Landfill gas emissions can be harmful to the environment, it is therefore important that we monitor and control the level to which these gases are emitted from landfills. At HydroTerra, we have a wide range of landfill gas monitoring technology on hand.

The Ambisense device is capable of measuring gas parameters continuously, can be solar powered and connects to any well head fitting. Typical applications of this technology include landfill gas and biogas, coal seam mining, and indoor/outdoor air quality. The system is specifically designed to be connected to telemetry and interfaces directly to HydroTerra’s DataStream platform.

Ion Science Gasclam is designed for in-situ below ground gas monitoring applications, the GasClam Borehole Gas Monitor has the capability of monitoring a variety of gases with temperature, barometric and borehole pressure for up to three months. It also has the capability for 1 month of continuous un-manned data collection with hourly sampling, which reduces unnecessary site visits.

The INSPECTRA® LASER is a natural gas leak portable analyzer with laser spectroscopy. This highly sensitive detector offers all the advantages of optical detection in a highly compact and portable device.

The Geotech GA5000 Portable landfill Gas Analyser is easy to use and calibrate, benefiting from our market leading reliability and helping you to standardise monitoring routines, whilst supporting environmental legislation compliance.

All of this technology is available from HydroTerra’s extensive marketplace. For further information or to discuss your application needs, give us a call on +61 (3) 8683 0091 or make an enquiry and we’ll be sure to get back to you pronto!