Mastering the Solinst Levelogger

14 December 2023


HydroTerra have been distributing Solinst products for the past 18 years with one of their most popular products being the datalogging pressure transducers which have been widely adopted around Australia. In this article, we look at the impressive range of deployment and downloading options for the latest Levelogger model (3001 Levelogger 5).  These devices can significantly reduce the time to manage downloading activities in the field.

Deployment options

Kevlar Chord

Solinst 2″ Locking Well Cap for Wireline or Kevlar Chord


Wireline/Kevlar Chord Deployment

When installing on a suspension wire or chord, the Levelogger is pre-programmed and started by using the software. It is then deployed with the suspension wire or chord connected to the installation cap of the Levelogger to the underside of the well cap. The data is retrieved manually, by withdrawing the Levelogger, removing the installation cap and attaching a Field Reader 5 or Desktop Reader 5. Use this method if you wish to minimise up-front costs, and pre-program Leveloggers in the office.

Suspension Wire Chord Installation


Direct Read Cable Assembly Installation

Solinst 2″ Locking Well Caps for Direct Read Cable Installation

When using a Direct Read Cable, the Solinst Levelogger can be deployed before it is programmed and started with the software. The Direct Read Cable threads to the Levelogger, while the surface connector at the opposite end of the Direct Read Cable fits into the specially designed well cap insert. The PC Interface Cable connects to the surface connector, allowing the Levelogger to communicate with a laptop PC.

Direct Read Cable Assembly Installation


Communication options


Standard (Wireline/Kevlar Chord) communication

To retrieve data or re-program, remove the Levelogger from the well and use a Field Reader 5 or Desktop Reader 5 attached to a portable or office computer.

Direct Read Communication

Pre-program Leveloggers in the office using a Field Reader 5 or Desktop Reader 5. In the field, use a laptop and PC Interface Cable connected to the L5 Direct Cable to program, view or download data.

In-field Communication

Levelogger 5 App Interface connected to an L5 Direct Read Cable provides a wireless Bluetooth connection between the Levelogger and the Solinst Levelogger App on your iOS or Android smart device, for programming or downloading data.

Solinst Readout Unit (SRU) connected to an L5 Direct Read Cable displays instant water level readings, real-time logging, Levelogger status, and allows saving and downloading data to the SRU.

A DataGrabber 5 connected to an L5 Direct Read Cable allows Levelogger data to be copied to a USB memory key.


Remote Monitoring Options

Solinst Telemetry Systems – Solinst has options for wireless remote communication using cellular or radio telemetry. Real-time data is sent from field located Leveloggers to your office PC or smart device.

The LevelSender 5 uses 4G cellular communication to send Levelogger data to your Home Station PC and smart device using email or SMS. Fits in a 2” well.

SolSat 5 Satellite Telemetry uses Iridium satellite communication to send Levelogger data to a secure web portal or for download in the SolSat 5 Wi-Fi App.

STS 5 Telemetry Systems use GSM/CDMA cellular communication to send remote water level data from Leveloggers to a Home Station PC.

Solinst Leveloggers are able to communicate with third-party dataloggers using SDI-12 protocol, by connecting a Levelogger’s Direct Read Cable to a Solinst SDI-12 Interface Cable.