Yabby & Stygo systems receive crushing support

14 December 2023


HydroTerra would like to thank our clients for supporting our Integrated Modular System product range. Over the last 9 months we have supplied and supported a total of 330 Yabby and Stygo systems.

These systems, designed with simplicity in mind, are pre-assembled and contain all the necessary components, including the sensors, the data processing unit, the communication interface, mounting, and the power supply.

They are easy to understand, deploy, and use. In addition, they offer scalability across multiple parameters and areas while also providing significant cost savings for most environmental monitoring projects.

Our clients benefit from the fact that HydroTerra is an agnostic marketplace for all the components that make up the modular integrated IoT systems. This means we provide the best, and most cost-effective options for your project, without being beholden to a single sensor, telemetry, mounting or power source.

Other market available options typically only provide you with their own manufactured products and sensors, thus offering limited choice, less flexibility, and often less functionality.

Get in touch with our sales team on +61 (3) 8683 0091 or info@hydroterra.com.au for more info and enquiries.

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