HydroTerra’s 2023 Webinar Highlights & What’s in store for 2024!

14 December 2023


With the festive season upon us, we reflect on the culmination of the 2023 HydroTerra Webinar Series. Throughout the year, we orchestrated a total of 19 webinars. These sessions garnered substantial interest, boasting an average of 222 registrants per webinar and resulting in an impressive overall registration count exceeding 4000 for the entirety of 2023.

We would like to congratulate our top 3 most popular webinars for the year 2023:

  1. Professor Suzie Reichman – 440 registrants (Why Microplastics in soil need more attention)
  2. Mark Stuckey – 425 registrants (Acid Sulfate Soil – Measurement and Management)
  3. Peter Mercuri – 340 registrants (Drilling techniques, technologies and installation methods for monitoring wells, leachate sumps and gas wells)

Click any of the thumbnails below to view the full webinar on YouTube.

Suzie Reichman webinar

Mark Stuckey webinar

Peter Mercuri webinar

We take great pleasure in delivering these informative webinars and are committed to their continuation as we embark on the upcoming 2024 HydroTerra Webinar Series. With several compelling sessions already in the pipeline for the early part of next year, we eagerly anticipate the prospect of reuniting with all participants.

The HydroTerra team extends heartfelt gratitude to each of our wonderful attendees during 2023. A particular thank you is reserved for our esteemed presenters, whose distinctive insights and wealth of knowledge enriched both us and our audience. As we look ahead now to what promises to be an eventful 2024, we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas, and a happy new year. See you next year!

If you want access to our full library of webinars, head to the webinars page on the HydroTerra website!

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