Calibration-free pH sensors

16 March 2023


Here is the latest update on the calibration-free pH sensors from our supplier ANB sensors.  ANB sensors was founded in 2015 and are already bringing truly disruptive technology to the pH sensor market.

ANB AQ5 pH Sensor

So why is this technology disruptive?  A key feature is that the sensors are calibration-free which means minimum maintenance, lowering operational costs. ANB achieves calibration-free operation by reference signal tracking and compensating for any changes in-situ and in real-time.  The only maintenance required is a quick abrasion of the surface with an abrasion block every 15,000 measurements, which, if the measurements are taken every 15 minutes, means about every 52 days. The sensors automatically flag that abrasion is required to assist the operation.

Other notable features include:

  • Measurement of pH, temperature, and conductivity
  • Easy storage – can be stored wet or dry
  • Unique electrochemical properties of the sensor mean no biofouling on the transducer
  • Onboard storage of 15 million readings

ANB pH Sensor with abrasion block

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