Aquaculture at Aqualabo

25 January 2023


Aqualabo has had a presence in the aquaculture field for over 20 years. Since 2012, their presence has intensified with more requests from France, Scandinavia, Feroe Islands, and Chile. Aquafarmers were finding that existing Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Sensors were too expensive, so Aqualabo developed a more competitive solution. In addition, fish farmers were looking for a sensor that could be integrated with a direct link to a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) to control the aeration system. Aqualabo’s full modbus open protocol was a smooth solution to reduce costs, and make a direct integration to PLC’s. Aqualabo now have distributors and integrators all over the world, including HydroTerra.

Today, Aqualabo assists the fish farming industry by helping:

  • Integrate systems
  • Provide equipment such as underwater camera systems, feeding systems and blowing/aeration systems
  • Engineering companies to build turnkey solutions for fish farms
  • IoT/logger companies wh0 want to offer a greater range of communication options to the fish farming industry
  • Research institutes/schools and marine aquariums