Zoos Victoria’s webinar wonder

25 January 2023


On Friday 20 January, we had the privilege of listening to Senior Manager of Environmental Sustainability at Zoos Victoria, Kiam Yoong, speaking about the Zoos’ efforts to reduce environmental impacts.

Kiam highlighted Zoos Victoria’s initiatives of maintaining carbon neutrality, reducing its greenhouse gas emissions to net zero, what this all means, and how it could be achieved. One of the key takeaways from the webinar is that while a zoo is a micro-example of an urban environment, what can be done on a small scale can be emulated on a large scale: Carbon neutrality and net zero emissions is not unrealistic, it can be done!

Kiam also touched on Zoos Victoria’s water sustainability plans and their sustainability milestones such as renewable energy usage, single-use plastics policy, and their zero waste to landfill policy, all very important and relevant to the current state of the environment.

We would like to thank Kiam for joining us and sharing his in-depth knowledge of sustainability principles and providing such an interesting webinar! You can watch the webinar here.