Aquaread’s proud history

22 February 2024


Aquaread was founded in 2008 out of Kent, United Kingdom, by 6 individuals.

Initially, a product was designed intended for use in the pharmaceutical market. Its purpose was to automate the routine task of solubilising powder compound into solution. In order to achieve this, the pH of the solution had to be adjusted and closely monitored along with turbidity. The pH was automatically adjusted with buffers until the solution became clear (had a turbidity of 0). However, it was decided that this was a very niche market with a difficult point of entry, so other options were explored.

Having already researched and developed pH and turbidity sensors, further research led the team to portable water quality instrumentation that also featured pH and turbidity sensors. Then began the development of the first Aquaprobe that would feature pH, ORP, conductivity, galvanic dissolved oxygen, and turbidity sensors. The first Aquaprobes were launched in 2009, with Aquaread’s first sale coming from Australia!

Following a successful global launch, the team began to evolve the Aquaprobes, designing their own optical dissolved oxygen sensor and a range of further optical sensors for parameters such as blue green algae and chlorophyll.

Aquaread saw rapid and continued success in terms of local awards, including the following:

  • Manufacturing award in 2011,
  • Best start up business 2011,
  • Best science and technology business finalist in 2012 and winner in 2013,
  • Young entrepreneur of the year (for our MD) in 2012,
  • Excellence in business 2013.

The business rapidly grew as Aquaread developed their network of distributors across the world, with key markets in China, Brazil, Europe, and Australia. As the demand for the products grew, the need for bigger premises developed. In 2016 Aquaread moved from their group of small offices to a much larger dedicated building. By 2020 the team further invested, developing an adjacent building into a new top of the range production facility to support the continued demand for the products and the development of new lines.

By 2018 the company produced a range of Aquaprobes for portable monitoring, a range of long-term deployment sondes and a range of dedicated water level loggers and sensors. In 2021 development of a new range of PRO probes and sondes began, alongside a new Bluetooth device and telemetry system to further complement the offering. 2023 saw the launch of these new items.

2023 was an exciting year for Aquaread as the business was acquired by another manufacturing company based in France called NKE. NKE manufacture a range of water monitoring sondes designed specifically for use in oceans. The group as a whole, now offer a full range of options designed for both fresh water and sea water applications, with both businesses complementing each other’s offerings.

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