Aquaread’s exciting new Bluelink device and app

22 February 2024


Bluelink App on phone

Aquaread are developing a new technology called ‘Bluelink’. What is Bluelink? It is essentially a Bluetooth adaptor that can be fitted to the end of your Aquaprobe cable, replacing the Aquameter. The Bluetooth device allows the probe to connect to the Bluelink mobile app.

The app has a wealth of functionality and works seamlessly with your connected Aquaprobe. You can use the app to view many live readings all at once, to assign your chosen additional sensors, to view previous calibration information and perform new calibrations on all sensors. Logged data can easily be shared via email direct from the phone.

Extra features are available for more specific tasks, for example there is a dedicated section for low-flow sampling, designed to make the process simpler and offer advice during the process whilst automating many aspects of the data collection.

The Bluelink app can be used directly with the AS-PRO sonde that has built in Bluetooth. The app gives you the ability to set up logging regimes, cleaning frequencies, event triggers and durations in addition to the usual features of live data viewing and sensor calibration.

The Bluelink device can also be used with the Leveline range, allowing full logger set up, live data viewing, and data retrieval from multiple units with the ability to forward the data via email.

Bluelink and probe lighter crop