Integrating the WiMO Sonde: Making Surface Water Monitoring Easy

22 February 2024


In the realm of water quality profiling, the WiMO Sonde has emerged as a game-changer. At the core of the WiMO Sonde’s capabilities is its effectiveness in water quality profiling. Engineered to measure up to 20 water parameters, it accommodates up to seven sensors simultaneously. Notably, the WiMO Sonde boasts a smart digital sensor suite, complete with a wiper for sensor maintenance.

One of the key advantages of the WiMO Sonde is its flexibility in sensor connectivity, allowing users to connect and disconnect sensors on the field, even with the sonde in operation. Featuring four locations for sensor embedding, the WiMO Sonde captures real-time metrics at various depths, offering a detailed and dynamic profile of the water column. This capability provides invaluable insights into the overall health of aquatic environments.

Its robust design ensures long-term deployment, facilitating continuous monitoring and data collection.  Our Integrated Systems team at HydroTerra takes this innovation further by mounting WiMO Sonde units on our Yabby floating platforms. These platforms transmit data directly to your desktop via the cloud, putting water quality information at your fingertips for timely management and control in response to trigger levels or emerging trends.

Our team can mount the WiMO Sonde on a drone boat, enabling water quality profiling across bodies of water. This allows for real-time data collection and transmission, providing a comprehensive view of water quality at varying depths in the water column.

Researchers and waterway managers can leverage the WiMO Sonde to track seasonal variations, assess the impact of human activities, and promptly detect pollution events. Ultimately, this advanced instrument plays a pivotal role in fostering effective water resource management and preserving the delicate balance of aquatic ecosystems.

The WiMO Sonde is equipped to measure a wide range of parameters, including Temperature, Water Pressure, Conductivity, Turbidity, O2 Concentration, O2 Saturation, Fluorescence Chlorophyll A, Fluorescence Phycoerythrin, CDOM, fDOM, Redox/ORP, pH, Nitrate, and Crude Oil. Furthermore, parameters such as Chloride, Depth, Salinity, Sound Velocity, Specific Conductivity, and TDS can be calculated from the measured parameters.

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