Some exciting new developments from AquaRead

21 March 2024


Since their acquisition by NKE Group, Aquaread has gone from strength-to-strength and has now come up with some exciting new developments.  Here is a brief look at a couple of these exciting developments.

PRO series and a special offer for 2024

The full release of the AP-PRO and the AS-PRO is one of the most exciting developments. These new probes and sondes are made from titanium and carbon fibre, are specified to 300m depth and feature a new measurement chamber that doubles as a calibration vessel leading to more accurate and stable calibrations that use less calibration fluid. Both feature a built-in self-cleaning system that cleans ALL fitted sensors, even EC during the deployment – with cleaning frequencies customisable to suit the needs of the environment.

Sensors for the PRO range are all ‘smart’, in that they have internal memory to store their own calibration information. When you plug in the sensor, it is auto recognised by the probe so no need to assign sockets. Changes to the sensors, the improved measurement chamber and changes to the software specific to the PRO range result in incredibly stable data during extended deployments. One advantage of smart sensors is that you can simply exchange the sensors when you get to site instead of trying to accurately calibrate the sensors in the field. Not only is this more accurate but greatly reduces time on site meaning more site visits per day.

To cap this off, the AP-PRO and AS-PRO are being offered at a heavily discounted price for 2024.

But wait, there is more!

BlueLink Bluetooth device:

Bluelink is an adaptor that replaces the Aquameter in your portable monitoring setup. It connects to the end of the Aquaprobe cable, features a rechargeable battery and Bluetooth communications. There will be a BlueLink mobile application launched on the PlayStore and App Store by the end of March 2024. The Bluelink app will allow you to view live data from the probe, to calibrate all of the sensors on the probe, assign the sockets if you have additional sensors fitted to the probe and automatically log data. It will have all of the features of the Aquameter at launch.

But it doesn’t stop there. Version 2 of the App will add the ability to communicate directly with the new AS-PRO sonde that features built in Bluetooth. This will add the ability to customise the sondes logging regime and to download data from the sondes memory. Version 3 of the app will add a low flow sampling wizard to help automate this commonly used methodology and will make it easier to capture the right data at the right time. Version 4 will add functionality for the Leveline range, with the ability to set up the logging, calibrate EC and download the data from multiple loggers.

Version development will take place one after the other with a view to have the app 100% complete by June 2024.

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