HydroTerra’s newest technology

21 March 2024


The new Yabby Floating Monitoring Buoy by HydroTerra is the latest in floating water monitoring technology. Designed and engineered in-house, this innovative solution represents a high quality, compact and cost-effective solution for our clients. Manufactured locally in Melbourne, the Yabby Floating Monitoring Buoy boasts adaptability and versatility, seamlessly integrating with several of our cellular and satellite telemetry units and Level and Water Quality sensors.

The improved design based on our user convenience, is compact, lightweight and features strategically placed mount holes which facilitate rapid assembly and deployment. It is complemented by a balanced bracketing system which streamlines installation and ensures optimal deployment in most storages. The Yabby Floating Monitoring Buoy is 420mm in diameter, 150mm in height and weighs just 5kg. The robust construction provides a total buoyancy of 12kg, offering ample support for up to 5kg of telemetry systems.

A 400mm long pipe and flange option inserts into the buoy offering additional stability and protection for WQ sensors if required. The unit is provided with a bespoke 5kg anchoring system.