Automated water sample collection

20 October 2022


The Teledyne ISCO 6712 Autosampler is an excellent choice for the automation of water sample collection for various applications such as stormwater/first flush sampling, wastewater sampling or overflow event sampling – all very pertinent given recent extreme overflow events around the country!

Through the combination of various technologies, HydroTerra can integrate the ISCO autosampler with a full stand-alone telemetry system and environmental monitoring instrumentation, such liquid level/depth, flow rate, and various physicochemical water quality parameters.

The sampler can be customised to automatically sample under specific conditions or events, based on recorded instrument measurements. Upon commencement of sampling, email and/or text notifications can be sent to nominated parties. All measurement data can be viewed on our DataStreamTM web platform, allowing full oversight of site conditions.

HydroTerra’s team are at the ready to assist you in developing solutions for your water quality sampling needs, including system design, configuration, installation, and ongoing operation and support. We are pleased to offer both bespoke custom-built systems, as well as rental kit configured to suit specific applications.