BlueTooth for multipoint monitoring applications

15 December 2022


Interested in monitoring multiple parameters within a small area? Then BlueTooth may be a good option to consider.  BlueTooth is a low cost, long range (up to 200m line of sight) communication option that offers the opportunity to monitor many parameters and make the data available on a hosted website via a gateway. Some of the applications include water level, water quality, temperature & humidity and many more.

Consider the Solar BlueTooth Beacon from Yabby Sensors – this sensor node will interface to multiple sensors using RS485 Modbus, I2C and digital inputs. Power is provided by a built-in 0.5W solar panel and a Lithium Ion 1100mAH battery, offering reliable operation for many years. The unit is housed in a polycarbonate waterproof and rugged IP68 enclosure and is well suited to Australia’s harsh conditions.

BlueTooth communication allows the individual beacons to connect to gateway devices within 200m line of sight and facilitates the transmission of sensor data to the internet. This data is then sent to a hosted website where you can access your data at the click of a button.  The use of a gateway is a very cost-effective way of sending data from multiple sensor nodes.  Worried about the gateway being a failure point for your monitoring? Then simply add a second gateway to provide some redundancy.